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I treat you the way  I like to be treated, with:  respect, honor, and NO Price Gouging!



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Sometimes special surprises  pop up!  

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I haven't been everywhere yet! But it's on my list!

With a multitude of companies from airlines to tours, I can help you to create memories of place you've only dreamed of traveling. 

Vacation packages from Australia to Switzerland. Maybe a trip across Europe!

 A family adventure,  a romantic weekend get away? Or maybe a weekend for the guys or gals. No problem!  

No where too far, or too near. 

I will happily help you be there!

Visit new horizons, or return to review some ones seen before.

A quick family trip to visit relatives, a wedding, a graduation?

Flights, Motel/Hotel lodging, Car Rental. 

All can be done individually, or packaged together for you!

What my customers are saying

"Wow! You really researched this!" Dawn, Hawaii for 2.

"You're a lifesaver! Thank You!"  Tere, Christmas with grandkids

"Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!" Susan, group of hotel rooms for graduation

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Yes, YOU can create amazing memories! 

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